20 December 2008

LOLA - Brussels

Opened more than a decade ago, Lola is a cosmopolitan and contemporary place in the middle of the very elegant Sablon.

Lola is also a concept about a stylish, elegant, beautiful black young woman that you would imagine behind the kitchen burners whistling while cooking, fully in love with her boyfriend, serving the tables with grace, a woman that represents the happy side of life, the kind of woman you would like to write a song about if you were a musician...

In a less poetic mood, however, Lola's magic recipe for success is a continued and balanced combination between the quality of the food, the freshness of the products, the creation of new executions and a dose of innovation (when needed), an good offer of wines (good to know that white one is always served the perfect temperature here!), the attentive service and... above all, the regularity through the years and a very well-defined personality.

Indeed, Lola is one of those places where you would like to invite your friends, your relatives, your most beloved visits to Brussels, and you would still be never tired to try once and again.

As far as the starters are concerned, Lola proposes some reminiscent plates from the best brasserie tradition like the 'croquettes de crevettes grises' and a hint of Asian food like the 'tempura de scampi sauce aigre-douce'.

However, a visit to this place should be the opportunity to taste the typically Lolan 'tourelle de crabe, remoulade de céleri rave et tomates sechées' or the 'salade gourmande de haricots verts au foie gras'.

The mains are even greater : 'cabillaud rôti, parmentier au cerfeuil, émulsion de poireaux au beurre de ferme', 'filet de bar au lait d'amandes, risotto aux champignons des bois', or the 'fricassée de volaille aux morilles, tagliatelles', 'cuisse de canard confite aux lentilles vertes de Puy'.

Do not try to go to Lola without booking!

Rating : 7.2/10

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olivier said...

Let me insist on the cuisses de canard confites au lentilles vertes du Puy. Really excellent! I haven't been there for a while, do the waiters still look like "jeunesse hitlérienne"?