26 July 2009


In June 1964, the government of the Belgian province of Luxembourg decided to buy a building not far from the European institutions (rue de Luxembourg / rue Marie de Bourgogne), in Brussels.

The idea was that the place became a meeting point for Belgian Luxembourgers in Brussels and that the house gathered the economic, cultural, social, touristic and culinary expressions of this Belgian province.

The building however was given other uses until 2006, when a huge revamping took place and the management was given to chef Philippe Lecomte (Renaissance), a Belgian Luxembourger himself, who, at the beginning of 2009 opened an elegant, clean, contemporary restaurant with an open kitchen and decoration using chocolate, grey and vanilla colours.

Now the place proposes a tasty, elaborated and original French and Belgian cuisine (please be advised that the portions are not very big here). However, the genuine, distinctive true aspect of the restaurant is not the Belgian cuisine istelf (as you could find this somewhere else), but to ensure the promotion of the products and the culinary arts of the Belgian Luxembourg province.

By the way, most of the products used or served in this place bear the typical certification symbol of the province (a wild pig) and are directly delivered to the restaurant by the producers themselves.

As far as the menu is concerned, which combines more meat than fish, the place proposes perfectly executed treats such as the ‘Ravioles au fromage de chèvre’ (starter), the ‘Agneau de la ferme Belle-vue en croûte d’olives, orge perlé, jus au thym citron’, or the ‘Faux filet de veau, asperges meunières et jeunes oignons, sauce béarnaise’.

The service is welcoming, helpful and smiling, and Philippe Lecomte is a very easy-going and friendly lad.

Among the international clientele that enjoy ‘La Maison du Luxembourg’, it seems that the Czechs are especially recidivists. This is maybe because the restaurant is one of the few places in Brussels that serve the iconic Czech liqueur Becherovka.


Rating: 6.8/10


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