07 July 2009


I have to admit that the restaurant 'Onder de Linde' (see my previous article) was so good that it probably neutralised my ability to write about any other place for a while...

Anyway, I thought I knew everything about restaurants in the Brussels' European district until I realised I was wrong when a colleague in the office introduced me to 'L'Atlantide', a Greek restaurant with genuine, excellent and unpretentious food.

Quite wisely, the place forgets about columns, agoras and decoration filled with scale Parthenons... to give the small pleasures of the authentic Greek cuisine the leading role.

Good examples of the above are the starters "dolmadakia" (rice stuffed vines), "pikilia" (assortment of tarama, tzatziki, eggplant puré in olive oil, sheep cheese, lemon marinated mushrooms), "saganaki" (panned kefalograviera cheese), "tyropita" (cheese puff pastry), "kolokithokeftedes" (zucchini balls)...

The mains are also excellent, especially those with lamb shoulder such as "arnaki ladorigani" (with origan), "arnaki kokinisto" (with tomato sauce), "arnaki fricassé" (with lemon sauce and salade), "yiouvetsi" (with small Greek typical pasta)...

The 'must-eat' "moussaka" and the different combinations of "souvlakia" are typical and foreseeable but also deserve a try as they are perfectly executed.

The place is a well known address for Greeks, who make the half of the tables of the restaurant (a good sign).

The restaurant has a varied Greek wine menu with excellent proposals for all budgets.

Finally, the service is kind and the place is clean.


Rating : 6.5/10

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