29 November 2008

SWITCH - Brussels

Located in the heart of the old gastronomic Brussels (near Place Sainte Catherine), Switch is a clean, bright, and black and white stripped decorated restaurant serving contemporary French cuisine with a light hint of Greek soul.

Apart from that, Switch is a two-fold concept.

First of all, a switch is what happened to the professional career of Marc Boutsen, a former culinary journalist when he decided to create this trendy gastronomic bistro whose kitchen is open and whose service is always attentive and discreet.

Secondly, Switch is also the mixture of concepts such as compatibility and adaptability in the treatment of a wide and tasty range of products that the customer can combine according to his/her hungry, mood and preferences.

However, it is precisely the drifting apart of the compatibility and adaptability concepts, both of which had made of Switch a distinctive and innovative place in the landscape of high quality Brussels restaurants, what is currently lacking and what is pushing the restaurant towards the style of other good, but not different, quality bistrots.

The Switch is the restaurant where I once discovered what the French mean when they talk about a "corsé" wine (intense and structured one).

This restaurant is a must in the address book of any good gourmet and believe me I always leave the restaurant with an excellent impression and ready to go back again.


Paula said...

Oi Toni!
Que delícia! Pena que não tínhamos seu blog quando chegamos à Bruxelas! Excelente. Parabéns.
Paula e Cassiel

Marçal said...

Looks like a really good restaurant, and in my oppinion, pictures perfectly express the description of the restaurant made by Toni!!

Seems to be the restaurant to go when we come to visit you in Brussels!


Anonymous said...

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